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Race Day Info September 18
Night of Champions 20212 Save The date.
Tire Rule Update
Flud Nets Seventh Win at Port City Raceway in the...
Beason Snags POWRi West Win at Port City
Race Day Info September 18

Race Day Info September 18

9/16/2021 -
Grandstand Tickets Adults - $10.00 Seniors - $6.00 Kids (6 - 14) - $6.00 Children (5 & under) - Free Veterans - FREE (Must show valid ID) Pit Ent
Night of Champions 20212 Save The date.

Night of Champions 20212 Save The date.

9/16/2021 -
With only a few points races left, we have began planning the Night Of Champions year end awards banquet. Save the date, November 20th will be a fun
Tire Rule Update

Tire Rule Update

8/12/2021 -
August 12, 2021 | Tulsa, OK: As most race teams are well aware, there is a nation wide tire shortage. As the season has gone on, it has become chall
Flud Nets Seventh Win at Port City Raceway in the...

Flud Nets Seventh Win at Port City Raceway in the...

9/14/2021 -
(Photo by TopRow Photos) Inside Line Promotions – TULSA, Okla. (Sept. 14, 2021) – Frank Flud captured his 22nd victory of the season at Port City Rac
Beason Snags POWRi West Win at Port City

Beason Snags POWRi West Win at Port City

9/12/2021 -
By POWRi (Tulsa, OK) -- Jonathan Beason out of Broken Arrow, OK. worked his way through traffic and passed Hank Davis on lap 21 to find himself back i
FloSports - Port City


Flud, Benson and Carroll Capture Lucas Oil NOW600 Pete Frazier Memorial Victories at Port City Raceway

Flud, Benson and Carroll Capture Lucas Oil NOW600 Pete Frazier Memorial Victories at Port City Raceway

TULSA, Okla. (Sept. 5, 2021) - Frank Flud, Garrett Benson and Kris Carroll captured victories on the finale of the 22nd Annual Pete Frazier Memorial presented by Western Flyer Xpress with the Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Hi Plains Building Division on Saturday night at Port City Raceway.

62 Stock Non-Wing, 53 Winged A-Class and 38 Restricted 'A' Class drivers were in action.

Frank Flud from fourth claimed the Stock Non-Wing victory. Jake Rosario was second with Kris Carroll crossing in third. Jace Park took fourth and Johnny Boland round out the top five.

Jake Nail finished in sixth. Baron Silva was seventh with Colby Sokol finishing in eighth. Cleby Hinton who was the hard charger advanced ten spots to cross in ninth. Gavin Miller from 20th rounded out the top ten.

Garrett Olson, Kayden Cole, Ryder Laplante, Jake Nail, Johnny Boland, Daniel Shaffer and Colby Sokol were the nights heat race winners.

Olson, Laplante and Kyle Thompson each claimed one of the nights three B-Mains.

Garrett Benson from the fourth starting spot picked up the feature event win in the Restricted 'A' Class. Corbin Rueschenberg claimed the runner up spot with Jett Nunley rounding out the podium. Kaley Mahaffey was fourth and Cooper Miller was the top five.

Jaxton Wiggs crossed in sixth. Justis Sokol took the seventh spot with Jayden Clay ending up in eighth. Jase Blevins was ninth and Jack Thomas made up the top ten.

Jett Nunley, Cooper Miller, Carson Bolden, Justis Sokol and Talin Turner were the nights five heat race winners.

Jack Thomas and Hayden Mabe won the nights two B-Mains.

In Winged A-Class, Kris Carroll from fifth claimed the feature event win. Frank Flud crossed in the runner up spot with Laydon Pearson making up the podium. Shawn Mahaffey took the fourth spot and Joey Starnes advanced ten spots to finish fifth.

Johnny Boland claimed sixth with Colby Sokol crossing in seventh. Gavin Miller took home the eighth spot. Jake Rosario from 19th finished in the ninth spot. Trey Zorn rounded out the top ten.

Connor Lee, Cody Barnes, Joey Starnes, Kobe Simpson, Colby Sokol and Trey Zorn won the nights sixth races.

Joey Starnes, Kobe Simpson and Baron Silva won the B-Mains.

The Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by the Hi Plains Building Division returns to action on Sunday at Nevada Speedway in Nevada, Missouri.

9/4/2021 at Port City Raceway
Lucas Oil NOW600 National Championship presented by Hi Plains Building Division
22nd Annual Pete Frazier Memorial presented by Western Flyer Xpress

Stock Non-Wing | NOW600 Non-Wing Micros

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 81-Frank Flud[4]; 2. 92-Jake Rosario[1]; 3. 3K-Kris Carroll[6]; 4. 56-Jace Park[8]; 5. 1V-Johnny Boland[7]; 6. 14R-Jake Nail[10]; 7. 17S-Baron Silva[5]; 8. 24S-Colby Sokol[11]; 9. 28-Chelby Hinton[19]; 10. 71-Gavin Miller[20]; 11. 23L-Tyler LaPointe[12]; 12. 32-Trey Marcham[18]; 13. G5-Gunnar Setser[13]; 14. 72-Kayden Cole[9]; 15. 25X-Kyle Thompson[17]; 16. 17E-Kaylee Esgar[14]; 17. 88R-Ryder Laplante[16]; 18. 12-Jeffrey Newell[2]; 19. 44-Garrett Olson[15]; 20. 12T-Trey Robb[3]

B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 44-Garrett Olson[1]; 2. 32-Trey Marcham[9]; 3. 93-Greg Emeterio Jr[3]; 4. 11-Laydon Pearson[5]; 5. 78-Ethan Ayars[7]; 6. 25S-Bobby Springer[6]; 7. 88G-Garrett Hulsey[12]; 8. 3W-John Kilmer[14]; 9. 98-Ed Libonati[4]; 10. 8R-Ryker Pace[11]; 11. 59-Brody Mclaughlin[2]; 12. 77-Cooper Sullivan[13]; 13. 9-Laramie Freeny[8]; 14. 74T-TJ Thompson[10]; 15. 17J-Jacob Johnston[15]; 16. 20Q-Brecken Reese[16]

B Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. 88R-Ryder Laplante[1]; 2. 28-Chelby Hinton[3]; 3. 75-Kale Drake[2]; 4. 3Z-Trey Zorn[9]; 5. 75X-Blayne Buntin[12]; 6. 21R-Riley Reed[14]; 7. 23M-Garrett Massey[6]; 8. 17-Talon McConnell[13]; 9. 4S-Spencer Hill[4]; 10. 77R-Ryan Sullivan[5]; 11. 22-Curtis Jones[7]; 12. 10-Brock Berreth[11]; 13. 10T-Talin Turner[8]; 14. 19-Justin Robison[10]; 15. 5B-Brock Cottrell[15]; 16. 22T-Robert Turner[16]

B Feature 3 (15 Laps): 1. 25X-Kyle Thompson[2]; 2. 71-Gavin Miller[9]; 3. 14-Blake Battles[6]; 4. 7S-Kaden Smith[7]; 5. 7W-Brendon Wiseley[11]; 6. 18J-Jeramiah Green[3]; 7. 11B-Colton Booten[14]; 8. 357-Bryce Redenbaugh[13]; 9. 18-Dave Nicholson[15]; 10. 6D-Daryl Gates[12]; 11. 23P-Trevor Peden[8]; 12. 1H-Connor Lee[10]; 13. 28P-Garth Kasiner[5]; 14. 21K-Kobe Simpson[4]; 15. 51K-Kaimron Schoonover[16]; 16. (DQ) 00-Daniel Shaffer[1]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 44-Garrett Olson[1]; 2. 75-Kale Drake[3]; 3. 77R-Ryan Sullivan[2]; 4. 23M-Garrett Massey[4]; 5. 23P-Trevor Peden[5]; 6. 19-Justin Robison[7]; 7. 17-Talon McConnell[6]; 8. (DNS) 51K-Kaimron Schoonover

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 72-Kayden Cole[2]; 2. 23L-Tyler LaPointe[4]; 3. G5-Gunnar Setser[6]; 4. 78-Ethan Ayars[3]; 5. 32-Trey Marcham[5]; 6. 9-Laramie Freeny[8]; 7. 6D-Daryl Gates[7]; 8. 22T-Robert Turner[1]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 88R-Ryder Laplante[1]; 2. 18J-Jeramiah Green[2]; 3. 21K-Kobe Simpson[4]; 4. 22-Curtis Jones[3]; 5. 7S-Kaden Smith[6]; 6. 7W-Brendon Wiseley[5]; 7. 77-Cooper Sullivan[7]; 8. 11B-Colton Booten[8]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 14R-Jake Nail[2]; 2. 98-Ed Libonati[1]; 3. 17E-Kaylee Esgar[6]; 4. 93-Greg Emeterio Jr[7]; 5. 3Z-Trey Zorn[5]; 6. 75X-Blayne Buntin[4]; 7. 3W-John Kilmer[3]; 8. 17J-Jacob Johnston[8]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 1V-Johnny Boland[5]; 2. 56-Jace Park[7]; 3. 25S-Bobby Springer[1]; 4. 14-Blake Battles[4]; 5. 8R-Ryker Pace[3]; 6. 10-Brock Berreth[6]; 7. 88G-Garrett Hulsey[8]; 8. 20Q-Brecken Reese[2]

Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 00-Daniel Shaffer[1]; 2. 25X-Kyle Thompson[3]; 3. 28P-Garth Kasiner[2]; 4. 28-Chelby Hinton[7]; 5. 74T-TJ Thompson[4]; 6. 10T-Talin Turner[8]; 7. 357-Bryce Redenbaugh[5]; 8. 5B-Brock Cottrell[6]

Heat 7 (8 Laps): 1. 24S-Colby Sokol[2]; 2. 4S-Spencer Hill[1]; 3. 11-Laydon Pearson[4]; 4. 59-Brody Mclaughlin[8]; 5. 71-Gavin Miller[5]; 6. 1H-Connor Lee[7]; 7. 21R-Riley Reed[3]; 8. 18-Dave Nicholson[6]

Restricted 'A' Class | NOW600 Restricted Micros

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 2B-Garrett Benson[4]; 2. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[1]; 3. 33-Jett Nunley[7]; 4. 11-Kaley Mahaffey[3]; 5. 5C-Cooper Miller[9]; 6. 71-Jaxton Wiggs[2]; 7. 25S-Justis Sokol[11]; 8. 66-Jayden Clay[6]; 9. 8-Jase Blevins[5]; 10. 63-Jack Thomas[15]; 11. 73-Chase McDougal[14]; 12. 38-Riley Osantowski[17]; 13. 52-Hayden Mabe[16]; 14. 12C-Carter Sauer[20]; 15. 11H-Nicholas Harris[18]; 16. 4S-Aubrey Jo Sappington[19]; 17. 14K-Kyle Hooper[13]; 18. B2-Carson Bolden[10]; 19. 22M-Brody McClelland[8]; 20. 10T-Talin Turner[12]

B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 63-Jack Thomas[2]; 2. 38-Riley Osantowski[4]; 3. 4S-Aubrey Jo Sappington[1]; 4. 88P-Ayden Parrish[5]; 5. 15V-Cole Vanderheiden[11]; 6. 46-Cale McGee[7]; 7. 11D-Dominic White[6]; 8. 95-Ryker Morrow[10]; 9. 9-Abigayle Lett[8]; 10. KB3-Kermit Burnam[12]; 11. 10S-Scout Spraggins[3]; 12. 18-Prestin Dalton[9]

B Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. 52-Hayden Mabe[1]; 2. 11H-Nicholas Harris[2]; 3. 12C-Carter Sauer[3]; 4. 6-Brylee Kilmer[4]; 5. 77-Chase Wright[6]; 6. 5B-Cade Bierman[10]; 7. 10R-Ray Brewer[9]; 8. 5-Landon Graham[7]; 9. 23J-Jace Wren[11]; 10. 55-Levi Smith[8]; 11. 8Z-Kasen Zorn[12]; 12. 21K-Keegan Osantowski[5]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 33-Jett Nunley[6]; 2. 14K-Kyle Hooper[2]; 3. 63-Jack Thomas[4]; 4. 11D-Dominic White[3]; 5. 18-Prestin Dalton[1]; 6. 5B-Cade Bierman[5]; 7. KB3-Kermit Burnam[7]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 5C-Cooper Miller[1]; 2. 73-Chase McDougal[2]; 3. 10S-Scout Spraggins[3]; 4. 88P-Ayden Parrish[4]; 5. 46-Cale McGee[6]; 6. 15V-Cole Vanderheiden[5]; 7. 8Z-Kasen Zorn[7]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. B2-Carson Bolden[1]; 2. 22M-Brody McClelland[4]; 3. 38-Riley Osantowski[2]; 4. 77-Chase Wright[3]; 5. 5-Landon Graham[6]; 6. 23J-Jace Wren[5]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 25S-Justis Sokol[1]; 2. 4S-Aubrey Jo Sappington[2]; 3. 11H-Nicholas Harris[4]; 4. 6-Brylee Kilmer[5]; 5. 55-Levi Smith[3]; 6. 10R-Ray Brewer[6]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 10T-Talin Turner[1]; 2. 52-Hayden Mabe[2]; 3. 12C-Carter Sauer[3]; 4. 21K-Keegan Osantowski[4]; 5. 9-Abigayle Lett[5]; 6. 95-Ryker Morrow[6]

Winged A-Class | NOW600 A-Class Micro

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 36-Kris Carroll[5]; 2. 81-Frank Flud[1]; 3. 11L-Laydon Pearson[6]; 4. 11K-Shawn Mahaffey[2]; 5. 11J-Joey Starnes[15]; 6. 1V-Johnny Boland[3]; 7. 24S-Colby Sokol[11]; 8. 71K-Gavin Miller[7]; 9. 92-Jake Rosario[19]; 10. 3Z-Trey Zorn[12]; 11. 20Q-Brecken Reese[9]; 12. 21K-Kobe Simpson[16]; 13. 56-Jace Park[8]; 14. 33-Cody Barnes[10]; 15. 17S-Baron Silva[17]; 16. G5-Gunner Setzer[20]; 17. 1H-Connor Lee[14]; 18. 99-Brett Osborn[4]; 19. 2B-Garrett Benson[18]; 20. 71-Jaxton Wiggs[13]

B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 11J-Joey Starnes[1]; 2. 2B-Garrett Benson[8]; 3. 22RL-Gage Laney[7]; 4. 59-Brody Mclaughlin[6]; 5. 77E-Cole Esgar[12]; 6. 45-Megan Thomas[5]; 7. 93-Greg Emeterio Jr[10]; 8. 12-Trey Robb[3]; 9. 72-Kayden Cole[2]; 10. B2-Carson Bolden[4]; 11. 88G-Garrett Hulsey[11]; 12. 83-Shane Weeks[9]; 13. 1K-Kortland Stephans[13]

B Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. 21K-Kobe Simpson[1]; 2. 92-Jake Rosario[2]; 3. 12E-Jacob Ewing[3]; 4. 25X-Kyle Thompson[4]; 5. 19-Justin Robison[5]; 6. 91K-Kevin Bayer[10]; 7. 12K-Kayla Ward[9]; 8. 98-Ed Libonati[8]; 9. 8R-Ryker Pace[6]; 10. 10T-Talin Turner[7]; 11. 14-Noah Key[11]; 12. 17J-Jacob Johnston[12]; 13. 22T-Robert Turner[13]

B Feature 3 (15 Laps): 1. 17S-Baron Silva[2]; 2. G5-Gunner Setzer[4]; 3. 25S-Justis Sokol[3]; 4. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[5]; 5. 78-Ethan Ayars[8]; 6. 3T-Caiden Mitchell[6]; 7. 89D-Andy Duncan[10]; 8. 27-Jason Wilson[1]; 9. 4S-Spencer Hill[7]; 10. 14X-Braxston Wilson[9]; 11. 02-Brian Guthery[11]; 12. 88R-Ryder Laplante[12]; 13. 16-Brady Amos[13]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1H-Connor Lee[1]; 2. 17S-Baron Silva[2]; 3. 56-Jace Park[7]; 4. 25S-Justis Sokol[6]; 5. 78-Ethan Ayars[4]; 6. 93-Greg Emeterio Jr[3]; 7. 14-Noah Key[5]; 8. (DNS) 22T-Robert Turner

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 33-Cody Barnes[2]; 2. 12E-Jacob Ewing[1]; 3. 72-Kayden Cole[5]; 4. B2-Carson Bolden[6]; 5. 45-Megan Thomas[7]; 6. 91K-Kevin Bayer[3]; 7. 14X-Braxston Wilson[8]; 8. 88R-Ryder Laplante[4]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 11J-Joey Starnes[1]; 2. 12-Trey Robb[2]; 3. 25X-Kyle Thompson[3]; 4. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[4]; 5. 2B-Garrett Benson[5]; 6. 22RL-Gage Laney[8]; 7. 88G-Garrett Hulsey[6]; 8. 77E-Cole Esgar[7]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 21K-Kobe Simpson[1]; 2. 71K-Gavin Miller[6]; 3. 92-Jake Rosario[5]; 4. 8R-Ryker Pace[3]; 5. 19-Justin Robison[7]; 6. 10T-Talin Turner[8]; 7. 02-Brian Guthery[2]; 8. 1K-Kortland Stephans[4]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 24S-Colby Sokol[2]; 2. 71-Jaxton Wiggs[4]; 3. G5-Gunner Setzer[3]; 4. 4S-Spencer Hill[1]; 5. 3T-Caiden Mitchell[6]; 6. 12K-Kayla Ward[5]; 7. 89D-Andy Duncan[7]; 8. (DNS) 16-Brady Amos

Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 3Z-Trey Zorn[2]; 2. 27-Jason Wilson[3]; 3. 20Q-Brecken Reese[7]; 4. 59-Brody Mclaughlin[4]; 5. 98-Ed Libonati[5]; 6. 83-Shane Weeks[6]; 7. 17J-Jacob Johnston[1]






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