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Kick Off Summer With Double Header Weekend
Reminder Port City Raceway is OFF for Memorial Day...
Schedule Update
All Systems Go For May 20th
Mother Nature Forces Friday Postponement . Saturda...
Double Header Weekend
Kick Off Summer With Double Header Weekend

Kick Off Summer With Double Header Weekend

5/31/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (May 31, 2023) – After a week off from competition, Port City Raceway is ready to get back to the action. A kickoff to summer party g
Reminder Port City Raceway is OFF for Memorial Day...

Reminder Port City Raceway is OFF for Memorial Day...

5/26/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (May 26, 2023) –A week off from competition here at Port City Raceway for Memorial Day weekend. We hope everyone has a safe and enjo
Schedule Update

Schedule Update

4/25/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (April 25, 2023) – Due to lack of support, Port City Raceway Officials have made the decision to remove winged outlaws from Following
All Systems Go For May 20th

All Systems Go For May 20th

5/20/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (May 20, 2023) –All systems go for tonights races. Crews are beginning to prepare the track and the facility is ready to go. Five cl
Mother Nature Forces Friday Postponement . Saturda...

Mother Nature Forces Friday Postponement . Saturda...

5/19/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (May 19, 2023) –Over night rain and projected rainfall throughout the day have forced the postponement of tonight’s event. Below you
Double Header Weekend

Double Header Weekend

5/18/2023 -
Hoss, Tulsa, OK. (May 18, 2023) –Two yes TWO complete shows at Port City Raceway this weekend. Five calluses of micro sprints running on the famous 1/
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Jett Nunley Nabs KKM Giveback Classic Checkers With Lucas Oil NOW600


NOW600 National Micros

Jett Nunley Nabs KKM Giveback Classic Checkers With Lucas Oil NOW600

(Image Credit: Danny Clum)

Bryan Hulbert – TULSA, Okla. (October 22, 2022) Chasing for 39 laps Saturday night at the KKM Giveback Classic with the Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Hi-Plains Building Division, Marlow, Oklahoma’s Jett Nunley was there on the one that mattered most for the $3,000 score in Restricted competition.

The last driver to lock into Saturday’s A-Feature by point accumulation from Thursday and Friday, the No. 33 ran sixth the opening five circuits. Making up one more spot on Lap 6, things settled in as traffic worked into the picture with Lawton’s Brody Brown leading,

Losing the lead for a moment in traffic on Lap 21 to the charging Cooper Miller, Brown regained the position a lap later. Pretty much nose to tail through the top five, the race’s dynamic shifted violently a few laps later. Working into the first turn on Lap 25, the leaders ran up on Garyn Howard just as something went sideways on the No. GH7.

Collecting numerous drivers, including Brown and Miller, the restart reverted back to Lap 24, and Ryder McCutcheon somehow making it through the chaos to take over the lead, with Nunley moving to second.

Slowly putting distance on the No. 33, Jett began making up the distance rapidly with three to go. To the white flag with car lengths separating them, McCutcheon missed the line in turn one, leaving the door wide open for Nunley. Taking full advantage, the lead changed hands off the second turn and remained that way, with McCutcheon trailing by only 0.156-seconds at the finish.

California’s Khloe Cotton was third, with Jase Blevins fourth. Nickolas Harris from 12th came up to complete the top five.

The next event for the Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Hi-Plains Building Division is the $2,000 to win, $300 to start NOW600 Nationals at Creek County Speedway on Friday, November 4, and Saturday, November 5. Full payout and times are posted online at http://www.now600series.com/news/?i=118503.

Fans not able to attend can see every lap live on https://www.now600.tv.

To keep up on everything happening with the National Open Wheel 600 Series, from the National Tour to Regional and Weekly racing lineups, log onto http://www.now600series.com and make sure to follow the tour on Facebook and Twitter (@NOW600Series).

Race Results:

Lucas Oil NOW600
Port City Raceway (Tulsa, Okla.)
October 22, 2022


A-Main (40 Laps): 1. 33-Jett Nunley[6]; 2. 5-Ryder McCutcheon[3]; 3. 4K-Khloe Cotton[5]; 4. 8-Jase Blevins[7]; 5. 2B-Nicholas Harris[12]; 6. 8S-Landyn Snider[10]; 7. 3-Lathe Griggs[8]; 8. 45-Bradley Cox[15]; 9. 24C-Cale Lagroon[13]; 10. B2-Carson Bolden[16]; 11. 04-Kyle Heflin[20]; 12. 31BW-Braxton Weger[14]; 13. 15-Brody Brown[1]; 14. 88P-Ayden Parrish[18]; 15. 5C-Cooper Miller[4]; 16. 14K-Kyle Hooper[9]; 17. 2A-Grant Schaadt[17]; 18. 73-Chase McDougal[2]; 19. GH7-Garyn Howard[19]; 20. 83-Wyatt Miller[11]

B-Main 1 (12 Laps): 1. 45-Bradley Cox[2]; 2. 2A-Grant Schaadt[1]; 3. GH7-Garyn Howard[7]; 4. 00T-TJ Stark[4]; 5. 1P-Mekentzi Potter[10]; 6. 1H-Hudsyn Truitt[11]; 7. 71-Tate Gurney[13]; 8. 67Z-Isabell Wilson[14]; 9. 2T-Tyler Crow[6]; 10. 23J-Jace Wren[12]; 11. 87C-Callan Hill[3]; 12. 11-Zayden Vasquez[8]; 13. 30-Kyler Bearce[9]; 14. 88K-Bryce Kujath[5]; 15. 87X-Cooper Williams[15]

B-Main 2 (12 Laps): 1. B2-Carson Bolden[1]; 2. 88P-Ayden Parrish[2]; 3. 04-Kyle Heflin[3]; 4. 19A-Ayla Morefield[5]; 5. 11E-Enzo Spicola[4]; 6. 2C-Lucas Conner[9]; 7. 09W-Wesley Sweatman[7]; 8. 9C-Jace Cooksey[6]; 9. 77-Chase Wright[8]; 10. P24-Aiden Howard[11]; 11. 9-Sami Porter[10]; 12. 47-Mavrick Page[13]; 13. 88M-Max Crabdree[12]; 14. 75-Deekan McRoberts[14]

Qualifier 1 (10 Laps): 1. 8-Jase Blevins[1]; 2. 83-Wyatt Miller[2]; 3. 2A-Grant Schaadt[3]; 4. 87C-Callan Hill[4]; 5. 88K-Bryce Kujath[5]; 6. GH7-Garyn Howard[7]; 7. 30-Kyler Bearce[8]; 8. 1H-Hudsyn Truitt[10]; 9. 71-Tate Gurney[9]; 10. 87X-Cooper Williams[6]

Qualifier 2 (10 Laps): 1. 3-Lathe Griggs[1]; 2. 2B-Nicholas Harris[2]; 3. B2-Carson Bolden[3]; 4. 04-Kyle Heflin[4]; 5. 19A-Ayla Morefield[5]; 6. 09W-Wesley Sweatman[6]; 7. 2C-Lucas Conner[7]; 8. P24-Aiden Howard[8]; 9. 47-Mavrick Page[9]

Qualifier 3 (10 Laps): 1. 14K-Kyle Hooper[3]; 2. 24C-Cale Lagroon[2]; 3. 45-Bradley Cox[5]; 4. 00T-TJ Stark[1]; 5. 2T-Tyler Crow[4]; 6. 11-Zayden Vasquez[8]; 7. 1P-Mekentzi Potter[6]; 8. 23J-Jace Wren[9]; 9. 67Z-Isabell Wilson[7]

Qualifier 4 (10 Laps): 1. 8S-Landyn Snider[1]; 2. 31BW-Braxton Weger[2]; 3. 88P-Ayden Parrish[3]; 4. 11E-Enzo Spicola[4]; 5. 9C-Jace Cooksey[5]; 6. 77-Chase Wright[8]; 7. 9-Sami Porter[7]; 8. 88M-Max Crabdree[6]; 9. 75-Deekan McRoberts[9]

Submitted By: Bryan Hulbert

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